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Centrica Innovations

Bringing solar and battery installation to British Gas customers

Lead Experience Designer



In line with Centrica/British Gas's long term strategy to provide a connected home energy management service. We were asked to

help the business understand the technical and logistical challenges of solar PV and battery system installation and develop a best-in-class experience for our customers during the end to end journey.


Following the completion of this ethonographic study British Gas moved into the delivery phase of a residential proposition. Our findings and recommendations including the need for 'relationship managers' and 'remote technical surveys' formed the basis of the residential proposition.


  • User research

  • Ethnographic study
  • Service design
  • Workshops

  • Story mapping

  • Process design

  • UX

  • Requirements gathering

  • Visual Design



"The Accelerator Hub was great at helping us take new technologies for Centrica - Home Solar and Batteries, (Home Energy Management) and look at the recruit to install journey from the end user perspective, as well as creating usable information artefacts as part of the process. Many thanks to Manuel, Ria and Zahir."

- Head of HEM Technology - T&E Group

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